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We would like you to meet the Board of Directors of Heart of Niagara Animal Rescue, Inc.

Margie Shulock-Kwiatkowski - Board of Directors – Treasurer

Hello! Let me introduce myself, I am Margie Shulock-Kwiatkowski, and I am one of the founders of the Heart of Niagara Animal Rescue, Inc. I also serve on the Board of Directors and I am currently, the Board Treasurer.

My recently retired husband has discovered the joy of helping the Rescue wherever he can and our two grown sons always stop for a visit to see the animals when they are in town.

I am a retired, Social Studies Teacher, having taught for 34 years,   After retiring, I became a volunteer at our local shelter, working with cats prior to their adoption. I also spent time at Pet Smart, with the adoptable cats and kittens. The hours spent volunteering and meeting others with a similar passion for helpless animals was wonderful. There are so many people who wish to help the animals that I was thrilled to be counted as one of them.

I also fostered a badly injured and sick cat, from the shelter for 4 months. My family and I decided to adopt him and today, he is a healthy, playful cat who has brought a wonderful dimension to our lives.

 We are a group of dedicated women who are working to alleviate the pain and suffering of companion animals that need our help. It is our quest to become a valuable resource to the community by offering professional services to “our” animals, to educate people on the importance of spay/neutering programs and of course to take in and ready animals for a home where they can enjoy their lives.

 I do this in memory of my mother, Marion and my great grandmother, Helena, neither of whom ever turned away an animal in need.

Kathy Nowakowski - Managing Director 

Hello! I’ve been asked to tell you a little bit about myself- so here it goes…

I am married and the proud mother of two wonderful, grown children. I have owned and operated my own business, only recently having retired. As a result of my business experience, I understand the importance of maintaining fiscal responsibility on the part of management.

I have devoted much of my life to volunteer service, first through the BSA, and then as a volunteer at a local animal shelter. I know how crucial a strong fundraising program is to the success of a non-profit organization.

I was the Front Desk Supervisor at a local shelter. In that position, I was able to observe what did and what did not work from a managerial perspective. While employed at the local shelter I was able, with the help of other volunteers, to raise money to purchase agility equipment to use with the bully breeds to help those suffering from kennel fatigue. It was so rewarding to work with the dogs and see them respond positively to the exercise, attention, and mental challenge.

I have had many family pets throughout my life and have known the unconditional love an animal can bring to a family. I look forward to being able to unite a family with a companion animal just waiting to share its love and affection with them.

Finally, it is my honor to be working with such an intelligent, determined, and compassionate group of women. And they’re fun to be around, too!

Heather Nowakowski - Secretary



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