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Heart of Niagara Animal Rescue (501 c 3) is hoping you will consider donating to our organization as we move forward helping to place animals that find themselves, through no fault of their own, homeless and without a family to care for them. 

When they arrive to us most are ready and willing to enter a family and devote themselves wholeheartedly to their new life. However-a few arrive fearful, reactive, sick, and/or confused as to what is happening to them... and why?? Some of these dogs have been abused, neglected, or dropped by the side of the road and abandoned by their owner. They will require additional time and work to learn to trust humans again.
We are in the process of renovating a building that we have recently purchased to house our animals as we work with them to overcome their individual issues. Our plan is to give all of them a home-like environment with obedience and agility outlets to help them focus their energy in an appropriate manner. Many just need to learn self-control and positive leash training, which helps to make them welcomed members of the community.

We have adopted over 360 animals since beginning almost three years ago. We are 100% volunteer. Every dollar goes to our animals with the goal of their successful placement with a forever family. We understand that not every family is in a position to foster, attend adoption events, or adopt. We hope, though, that you will consider making a difference in the lives of these dogs by making a donation to the work of our organization.

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If you are looking to adopt a pet, feel free to browse our adoptable friends and contact us if you have any questions. For your convenience, we've also put our adoption application online.

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